Q01: Are you a professional photographer? Yes, I have been a professional photographer since 1972. At present, I am the official photographer to both CTT and VTTA. I attend all the CTT championship and Time Trial Series and all The VTTA championships when they don't clash with CTT events.
Q02: How many photographers do you have? I do not employ any photographers. It is always li'll' ol' me, Brian Jones, that attends an event.
Q03: Can I download digital files I have purchased? No, there are in excess of 150,000 images available on the site and to prepare them all for instant download would take an eternity. The on-line storage costs of that quantity and rising, is prohibitive! When you order a digital file I will email it to you as soon as possible. If I am sitting at the computer when the order comes in, I will prepare the file and send it to you within a few minutes.
Q04: Are all the images on this site copyright? Yes, all the images are owned by Brian Jones. If you acquire an image without paying it is an infringement of my copyright and therefore illegal. It is a criminal, not civil, offence. Illegal copying of my or anyone elses copyright material is stealing their income. I issue invoices to such perpetraitors initially and if they do not pay I start criminal procedings against them. The result of such procedings will result in a substantial fine and/or a custodial sentence.
Q05: Do you crop images? Yes, I usually crop images to position the subject compositionally "correct" within the frame. Although I try to get this right in the camera, there are many factors that preclude that from happening. Strong winds, buffeting me. More than one rider approaching me at a time and the camera flitting from one to another. Traffic getting in the way! etc
Q06: Do you print your own photographs? Yes, I print all my own work up to 17 inches wide. Up to 10x8 inches are printed on one of 2 Dye Sublimation printers, depending on the size print. Up to 17 inches wide are printed on a £4000 high end Ink Jet Printer. Mugs etc are printed with a dedicated ink jet printer using special (and very expensive) inks. I have a total of six printers for the various types of prints required.
Q07: What happens if I don't like the image supplied? I hope this doesn't arise! I cannot make amends if you just don't like how you look. You will have seen the image on the website and therefore you know how you look. If the image lacks focus I will have either told you about this or will have supplied the requested image together with an image that is sharp. If the image is slightly blurred because of the speed you were travelling, this is a function of sports photography.
Q08: Do you offer discounts for multiple images? I can offer you 4 same size resolution images for the price of 3. Or 5 - 10 images same resolution images at Lo res (72ppi) £6.00 each, Med res (150ppi) £10 each or Hi res (300ppi) £15.00 each. 11 or more same resolution images 50% discount. Mixed resolutions will attract no discount, except within the aforementioned parameters. All images will be of the same person from the same event. If you wish to go ahead email the image reference numbers and resolution required (ie Lo, Med or Hi) to me at orders@kimroyphotography.co.uk and I will send you my bank details of the amount due for an on-line banking transfer. DO NOT SEND THE MESSAGE VIA FACEBOOK.
Q09: Do you not go to an event you are booked to attend if the weather is bad? have never not attended an event because of rain, wind or scorching sunshine! There have been, since 1972, three events that I can recall, that I did not make it to the event, all related to car failures. One fire, one failed fan belt, one total electrical failure. I have had many a soaking, sometimes for up to five hours. I have "lost" two camera bodies due to water getting into the body and frying the computer.
Q10: How many photos have you taken? Since 1972 I have taken in excess of 3 million photographs. That makes for one very fit index finger on my right hand!!
Q11: Do you use film or digital cameras? Until 2001 I used film exclusively. Shooting with Mamiya330, Bronica, RolleiFlex, Nikon and Leica. I bought my first digital camera in 2001, a Fuji S1, since then I have "upgraded" through a series of 6 Nikon bodies. I now shoot with Nikon D4 with 2 Nikon D3 bodies as backups.
Q12: Do you keep your images on file ? Yes, all the images I take are stored. from 2003 to the present day I can search a rider by name, although I had a double hard drive failure in 2005, the master and the backup within hours of each other(!) and I lost a lot of 2005 images. Currently I have approximately 20TB of storage. Prior to 2003 > 2001 I didn't put the riders name to the files. The cycling related film negatives go back to 1994 but that is a very time consuming task to find a rider. Although, in those days I used to send order forms to the event secs that had each rider's image on and a reference number. If you have one of those, there is no problem in finding the relative negative.
Q13: Which digital image do I need?If you want the image for use on the web a low Res image will do. If you want to print it on inkjet printer up to 8x6 inches (maybe 10x8) then Medium res. If you want to use in a newspaper or such-like then you require a High res image. If you want prints then you will get the best possible quality by ordering prints from me.
Q14: I have tried to pay with PayPal but my card is rejected. What should I do?If PayPal won’t accept your card, the chances are something is “wrong” with the card account (eg: the payment would take you over your limit etc). You can use either a credit card or debit card with PayPal. There is the facility below the PayPal box to pay directly with your bank, ie not through PayPal. I don’t have the facility to take cards over the ‘phone. Assuming you have online banking you can make an online payment from your account directly to my account. If you wish to go down that road my account details are: 09-01-26, 53695342, when you have made payment for the order, including P&P if appropriate ( ie not a digital file) send me an email(orders@kimroyphotography.co.uk)with what you want to order and I will execute the order forthwith.
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