Our Philosophy

The philosphy has alway been to do the best you can under the circumstances that prevail. In sports photography that means in wind, rain, snow and occasionally sun!

Our Mission

The mission is to provide an excellent service under all circumstances. Customer satisfaction is a priority.

What We Do

Attending cycle time trials, occasionally road races and track meetings, is the main thrust of the business. When Cycling Weekly's excellent photographer, Andy Jones (no relation) is not present I supply images on an ad hoc basis.

The "Team"

Because so many events are attended by Kimroy Photography it is thought by some that there is a team of photographers. There is only me! Often "falling" out of bed on a Sunday at 2 or 3am to drive to an event with a 5:30am start. Bad weather on the day has never changed my mind about attending an event. Prolonged torrential rain has written off two Nikon camera bodies.

I use Nikon D4 and D3 camera bodies and just two lenses. a Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 and a Nikon 17-55mm f2.8. Occasionally I might use a Nikon 2x converter on the telephoto.

Back at the ranch, PCs are used to post process the images. The images are backed-up to external drives and the total image storage capacity at present is 25TB.

The images are edited on an HD 42 inch Philips monitor. The monitor is electronically checked for colour calibration on a monthly cycle.

All prints are made in-house on one of seven printers, depending on the final size and product. Within that total there are three Epson seventeen inch wide printers. One set up for paper prints, one for canvas and one for sublimation printing. All printers have custom made profiles for each media used to ensure the best colour reproduction possible.


Brian Jones


Has been a professional photographer since 1972.

Born in Barnstaple, N. Devon, he has moved around the UK, from Devon to Kent then to Hampshire, back to Kent and now domiciled in South Yorkshire.

A Former Catford C.C. club Time Trial Champion in 1967, with a "25" PB of 57:59, on a "proper" bike!