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2017, a Fantastic Partnership with Knight composites announced

The CTT web site recently announced the superb news that Knight Composites, the USA based wheel manufacturer, has agreed to an on-going association with Cycling Time Trials.

Knight Composites will sponsor the Classic Series and the series will now be known as Knight Composites Classic Series. The series comprises six events with nine categories: men, women, espoirs, juniors, paracyclists, veterans (actual), veterans (target), women veterans plus a team award, with Knight wheelsets being awarded as prizes for each overall category winner. In addition to that fantastic prize list, whose value must be £17k+, as CTT members you can get discounts on these superbly designed and engineered wheelsets.

So lads and lasses get your entries in for the Knight Composite Classic Series events and make sure they are all over subscribed.

The question for 2017 is, will Hayley Simmonds continue to dominate the women's events and will the men's event see another Hutch or Bottrill emerge?

Now that you have sent off your entry to a CTT event and been accepted make sure you do not find yourself disqualified by failing to meet the 3cm rule. See page 341 of the 2017 Handbook.

Having read that page turn over the page to read the instructions regarding the placing of the rear facing number that you will be wearing during the event. The placing is important for three reasons: Firstly because so many riders seem intent on wearing dark colours that blend you into the background the bright orange number, correctly placed is a safety feature, making you more visible to motorists. Secondly, when you flash past the time-keeper at warp speed they can see who you are and award you a time. Thirdly and I must admit this is a purely selfish reason, I can see your number which cuts down my time after the event putting names to riders before uploading the images to my galleries.

For those riders that have problems with left and right, when the start sheet instructs you to place an arm number on your left shoulder, remember that the left shoulder is the one nearest to the kerb!

Finally, please, oh please, KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!

Make it a fast and safe 2017.


Latest news

  • 9th September 2017
    RTTC Championships 2017
    Posted by Brian Jones
    The newly named National Youth Championship, formerly the GHS Championship, took place at Sawtry, Cambridgeshire. With heavy rain forecast it could be a wash-out. Driving to the event I experienced torrential rain a few miles from the HQ but within a short distance the roads were dry again. With a field of 172 riders ranging in age from 12 to 16 it would be a fascinating event. Caitlin Peters and Pfeiffer Georgi were the main girl contenders and at least eight boys that were likely champions. At the final declaration Pfeifer was triumphant in the girls championship and Theo Modell donned the boys champioship cap. Having seen Pfeiffer develop into a dedicated rider over the last couple of years, I hope Dad has a large trophy cabinet at home, because I believe it's going to be needed! Full reports can be seen on the CTT website
  • 3rd September 2017
    RTTC Championships 2017
    Posted by Brian Jones
    The weekend began at 4am on Saturday heading north to Glasgow for the Velopreda Georgetown Cup. A field of almost 200 riders. The event is basically an inter-club extravaganza. To win the trophy there has to be nine riders from a club to be eligible. The course was basically flat but the road surface left a lot to be desired! Nightingale CC were victorius by ONE second from Glasgow Green CC and Fullerton Wheelers an further 2 minutes down the road. Then I headed south to Cockermouth for the RTTC National 10 miles Championship the following day. The Juniors and Women experienced strong winds but Jake Wright and Caitlin Peters came out on top of the Juniors' event. Hayley Simmonds, again top of the pile in the Women's event and Dan Bigham walked off with the Men's trophy. Full reports can be seen on the CTT website
  • 22nd/23rd July 2017
    RTTC Championships 2017
    Posted by Brian Jones
    With a weather forecast of rain, why worry. forecasts are invariably wrong! How wrong can one be!! After covering the Belper "25" at Etwall I sped up to Prees Heath for the 24 Hours Championship. As I stood on the side of the A49 I noticed some rather angry looking clouds creeping up behind me......then the heavens opened, with a vengeance! The brave battled on but some succumbed to the cold and fatigue caused by the rain. The rain subsided and as the day became night I pottered off to the night circuit turn at Espley. The riders came through in varying levels of speed. Crystal Spearman was going like an express train, concentrating so hard she did not hear the requests from marshalls for her number and off she sped into the darkness. As Saturday became Sunday I had an appointment in Rhigos for the realteam "25"! The morning was fine down there in South Wales at 5am. But that was not to last, the clouds rolled in and the rain started. Far too many decided to stay in bed and by the time the second event was due I decided there was little value in staying and headed back to Wrexham for the presentations at the 24 hr. When I reached there the sun was shining and Jasmijn was suffering from the heat!! The rides by Michael and Jasmijn were top drawer, had the rain not been a factor the comp record for both men and women could well have been blown asunder. Crystal Spearman rode this event as a "warm-up" for the World Championship 24 hr in USA later in the year, where I am sure she will go even further, afterall it's warm over there!! When the memory of this year have faded I hope she will "give it another go" in 2018. Full reports can be seen on the CTT website
  • 9th July 2017
    RTTC Championships 2017
    Posted by Brian Jones
    The 9th July was a warm and sunny day around Alton, Hamphire, for the 100 miles championship. First rider put pressure on his pedals at 07:01. With 120 on the start sheet with some big names the potential for a great competition was there to unfold. The temperature and the state of the road surface was to take a heavy toll. A good number, 15, were DNF, amongst them John Dewey and Adam Duggleby, the current 100 miles record holder and Jasmijn Muller capitulated. Coupling that with 17 DNS, the result board looked a little sparse regarding results! However, the Allan/Lethbridge contest was nail biting. This time Alice (the current women's 100 miles record holder) turned the tables on Kate with a 3:48:14 against 3:50:38. Kieran Davies had a more convincing win, 3:23:48 against Charles Taylor's 3:31:05 with Mark Nulty a further 19 seconds down. Jackie Field stopped the clock at 3:57:36 to claim third place in the women's event. Full reports can be seen on the CTT website
  • 25th June 2017
    RTTC Championships 2017
    Posted by Brian Jones
    With three National Champions now out of the way, Dan Bigham is making his mark ..... very convincingly, with three championship wins under his belt. The Circuit Championship, the team time trial and now the 50 miles. Hayley Simmonds took the Circuit Championship, decisively. The girls from Aprire Bicycles had a comfortable win in the team time trial. Kate Allan pushed her 100 miles competition record holder team-mate, Alice Lethbridge into second place. They again come head to head in the National 100 miles. I'm not sure where I'm going to put my money on that one! Full reports can be seen on the CTT website
  • 14th Jan2017
    Champions' Night 2017
    Posted by Brian Jones
    The evening was a showcase for the very best in time trial cycling achievements. Hayley Simmonds the first woman to break the 30mph barrier in CTT competitions. Ryan Perry's great rides and he certainly enjoyed the evening! Juniors Henrietta Colborne and Eugene Cross putting their mark on the sport. There was a down-side to the evening however. Someone, perhaps pulling a prank has "borrowed" the display flag of Eugene Cross. These flags cost quite a lot of money, I know because I supply them to CTT, so if the prankster could kindly return the flag to Stewart Smith or send a cheque for £250 to cover the cost of the new flag and additional expenses the episode, I am sure will be forgotten. This is a personal plea and not on behalf of CTT. I must say however, If I was in charge I'm sure questions to guests or the hotels CCTV would reveal the prankster and I would, if need be, call in the Boys in Blue if the flag is not returned.
    UPDATE: The prankster has seen the error of his ways and has promised to return the flag. A happy note to end on.
  • 15 Oct2016
    Copyright Notice Update
    Posted by Brian Jones
    To supply digital files: 1: Purchased files may be used for your own personal use and cannot be reproduced or published in any form without the written consent of the copyright holder, i.e. Brian Jones T/A Kimroy Photography.
    1a: Images copied from Kimroy Photography galleries is theft. Each occurrence of theft (each individual image is an occurence) will be charged at £30.00. You will be invoiced for £30.00 per image. If you acknowledge your act of theft within seven days of receiving the invoice the fee per image will be reduced to £10.00 per image. Failure to pay the invoice will result in a County Court summons being issued. In all cases the images MUST be removed from wherever you have published them. There is an amnesty until 31st March 2017 after which these Terms and Conditions will be applied.!!
  • 19 Sept2016
    Simmonds' strikes again!
    Posted by Brian Jones
    The V718 is becoming the go-to course for record breaking rides. Last week Anna Turvey scorched Hayley Simmonds 10 miles record to 19:08. A week later Hayley returned to the V718 and further reduced the record to 18:36. Where will it all end.........sub 18, here we come!! 2017 National Championships are going to be "interesting"!!
  • 11 Sept2016
    Another record weekend: Bialoblocki bomb-shell
    Posted by Brian Jones
    Also making the journey to the V718, Marcin Bialoblocki (One Pro Cycling), not content with demolising Alex Dowsett's 10 miles record by a massive 45 seconds to 16:35, (No, that's not a typo!!) he travelled to South Wales the following day (as Hayley did a few weeks ago) and again ruined Dowsett's day by reducing his 44: 29 to 44:04 on the R25/3H. A 43 minute ride is on the cards!
  • 11 Sept2016
    Another record weekend: Turvey Tornado
    Posted by Brian Jones
    Once again the scene was the V718 on a calm day (unusual for the Humber valley!) Anna Turvey (Tyneside Vagabonds), who has been knocking on the record door all season, did a scorching ride, beating Hayley Simmonds' record by 10 seconds, getting ever closer to the sub 19 ride with a recorded time of 19:08.
  • 28 Aug2016
    Simmonds: Another ride, another record
    Posted by Brian Jones
    Hayley travelled to the V718 again. The micro climate that is the Humber valley was a "stiff" breeze. Head-on to the turn. Like all champions, this doesn't seem to matter! Hayley sliced a good size chunk off her own "10" record, bringing it down to 19:18 from 19:31.
  • 5 aug2016
    Hayley is flying!
    Posted by Brian Jones
    After two consecutive weekends in which Hayley Simmonds ripped the women's 50 miles competition record apart and the following weekend broke her own 10 miles record followed by, on the next day, the 25 miles competition record. Can she make it a hat-trick of weekends breaking records in the 25 miles National Championship?