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2016, a record breaking year!

There have been records tumbling all over the place! The 24 hour team record was increased by over 100 miles. The team comprising, Michael Brooadwith, Jonathan Shubert and Tim Bayley. Recording 1547.5 miles between them. All the team topped 500 miles each.

Tandems have been troubling the record keepers as well: the Adam Duggleby and Steve Bate combo have taken the 10 and the 25 records with 17:10 & 43:23 respectively. Mixed tandem pair, Howard and Becky Lewis turned the wheels to an 18:10. Staying on the mixed tandem theme, Richard Dixon and Alex Deck brought the "15" record down to 28:58.

Not to be outdone, the juniors put their skates on, Adam Hartley with an 18:44 "10" and Henrietta Colborne, fresh back from European racing, scorched to a 20:21 "10".

Pro rider Alex Dowsett lowered the "25" to 44:29.

Team Bottrill riders turned the team "100" on its head with a 10:42:10 total. Dewy, Taylor, Parker. Not to be outdone, fellow team members, Smith, Barnett, Dorling broke the "50" team record.

Karen Ledger, Langsett Cycles, stamped her authority on the "15" record with a 31:47.

Then we get to Hayley "the whirlwind" Simmonds! It almost seems during 2016, if she is sitting on a bike, the keepers of the record book had better have their pencils sharpened! In July she blew the "50" record out of the water with a 01:42:20. A week later she demolished the "10" record, 19:31 at Hull. The following day, 250 odd miles away in South Wales she tore up the "25" record with a 49:28. Just for good measure, on 28th August she further reduced her own record to 19:18. Anna Turvey, not to be outdone reduced that to 19:08. A week later, Hayley, not one to rest on her laurels, really got down to it and chopped a massive 33 seconds off Anna's time, down to 18:35.


Latest news

  • 19 Sept2016
    Simmonds' strikes again!
    Posted by Brian Jones
    The V718 is becoming the go-to course for record breaking rides. Last week Anna Turvey scorched Hayley Simmonds 10 miles record to 19:08. A week later Hayley returned to the V718 and further reduced the record to 18:36. Where will it all end.........sub 18, here we come!! 2017 National Championships are going to be "interesting"!!
  • 11 Sept2016
    Another record weekend: Bialoblocki bomb-shell
    Posted by Brian Jones
    Also making the journey to the V718, Marcin Bialoblocki (One Pro Cycling), not content with demolising Alex Dowsett's 10 miles record by a massive 45 seconds to 16:35, (No, that's not a typo!!) he travelled to South Wales the following day (as Hayley did a few weeks ago) and again ruined Dowsett's day by reducing his 44: 29 to 44:04 on the R25/3H. A 43 minute ride is on the cards!
  • 11 Sept2016
    Another record weekend: Turvey Tornado
    Posted by Brian Jones
    Once again the scene was the V718 on a calm day (unusual for the Humber valley!) Anna Turvey (Tyneside Vagabonds), who has been knocking on the record door all season, did a scorching ride, beating Hayley Simmonds' record by 10 seconds, getting ever closer to the sub 19 ride with a recorded time of 19:08.
  • 28 Aug2016
    Simmonds: Another ride, another record
    Posted by Brian Jones
    Hayley travelled to the V718 again. The micro climate that is the Humber valley was a "stiff" breeze. Head-on to the turn. Like all champions, this doesn't seem to matter! Hayley sliced a good size chunk off her own "10" record, bringing it down to 19:18 from 19:31.
  • 5 aug2016
    Hayley is flying!
    Posted by Brian Jones
    After two consecutive weekends in which Hayley Simmonds ripped the women's 50 miles competition record apart and the following weekend broke her own 10 miles record followed by, on the next day, the 25 miles competition record. Can she make it a hat-trick of weekends breaking records in the 25 miles National Championship?